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Best Crutches for Knee Injury – Top 5 Review

Knee injury is one of the common situations we are susceptible to. It occurs from accidents which we have little or no power to stop.  Reasons, why we broke our knee peradventure, might be due to our own negligence of not protecting the knee with a knee brace or as a result of an accident which a regular brace cannot stop. Therefore, when this issue happens and we start our treatment, it is important to get the best crutches for a knee injury.

Crutches serves as a walking aid that helps us move from one place to another without further injuring our knee joint until we finally recover. What crutches offer is that it serve as an aid where we can put almost all the body weight on.

Some knee injury might be so severe to the extent of needing surgery, while some may not require such but just proper care of the joint affected until it fully recovers. It will not be beneficial to start putting all the weight of the body on an injured knee. This is what crutches offer. They always come in pair for the right and left side. They temporarily serve as the aid you put all your weights on pending your recovery time.

Why is getting the best crutches important for Knee Injury?

You might be wondering why it is so important to get a crutch when you sustain an injury. You might even feel that if the knee injury is that severe to prevent you from walking by yourself, why not just rest in one place and allow the injury heal up? Yes, you might be right, in some cases of a severe knee injury that might even require surgery; it is expedient to limit moving about at that particular time. But the truth is that this can only happen in the earlier stage of the surgery.

One of the things that make you recover faster is by exercising the injured joint. This involves moving it from one place to another in a gentle and non-stressful way. You need to be a little mobile not because you are tired of staying in one place; you need it to make your recovery process faster. This is what crutches offer. They allow you the simple mobility you need during the course of your injury to hasten and bolster your recovery process.

Therefore, crutches are very important when the knee or ankle is injured and that is why you have to know the right one to get for yourself or your loved ones when this unfortunate injury happens to them.


Product Brand Foldable Adjustable Type Price
In-Motion Pro Ergonomic Foldable Crutches Millennial Medical Yes Yes Underarm Check Price
Ergobaum¨ Prime 7TH Generation


Yes Yes Forearm Check Price
ORTONYX Kids Walking Forearm Crutches ORTONYX No Yes Forearm Check Price
Medline Aluminum Forearm Crutches Medline No Yes Forearm Check Price
Carex Folding Crutches Carex Yes Yes Underarm Check Price

How to Choose the Best Crutches

There are various factors you need to check before choosing crutches. This is to allow you to choose the best for the user. We have taken these factors into consideration while choosing these best five and we are very sure they will definitely serve their purposes well.

Height of the crutch

This is an important factor to consider when choosing a crutch and seriously the most important factor. There is no point getting a crutch you won’t be able to use at the end of the day. Getting a short crutch for a tall person might be very odd and rendering the crutch useless. A short person too, on the other hand, might not find a too long crutch easy to use. Therefore it is very important to know the length of the crutch you want to buy so as to correlate it with the height of the person who is going to make use of it. The best crutch to get must not be too long for efficient use.

Weight of the Crutch

This is also an important factor to consider. The weight should not be too heavy for the wearer to carry. It must be light in weight yet strong enough to carry the weight of the body. When it’s too heavy, it causes unnecessary discomfort for the user. You are already dealing with a nagging injury and the last thing you want for yourself is another discomfort through something that is supposed to ease the pain. Therefore, it is expedient to go for materials that are light in weight, yet strong.

The base of the crutch

A very important factor most people do not take into consideration. The base of the crutches must be sturdy and strong. Not only that, it must not be made with a material that can slip easily. When the material is good and non-slipping, you can rest assured of not falling again using the crutches. Furthermore, the base of the crutches must be able to absorb shock. This reduces vibration and makes movement more comfortable and easy to use.

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Best Crutches for Knee Injury – Top 5 review.

In-Motion Pro Ergonomic Foldable Crutches. (Overall Best)

Ergobaum¨ Prime 7TH Generation

ORTONYX Kids Walking Forearm Crutches

Medline MDS805161 Aluminum Forearm Crutches

Carex Folding Crutches, 5 Pounds, Folding Underarm Crutches (Best Budget)


#1  In-Motion Pro Ergonomic Foldable Crutches.

In-Motion Pro Ergonomic Foldable Crutches

This crutch is also very good and one of the best you should consider for a knee injury. It is designed to ease the pressure off your body and enhance safe mobility during recovery from ankle, knee or other forms of injury that might require the use of crutches for movement.

When choosing this crutch, be very careful to choose the right size. The manufacturer produces it in three sizes: Short which is adjustable to suit a person with a height of 4’6″ – 5’6″; tall also adjustable to suit the height of 5’7″ – 6’10” and Extra Tall which is suitable for a height of 5’10” – 7’2″. This range of height makes it suitable for various size of the user and can be safely adjusted to fit your perfect size.

The product comes in a package and unassembled. It is required of you to assemble it properly before use which is very easy to do if you follow the procedure in the instruction manual that comes along with the package. You can also check the video below for right guidance on its assemblage

With the spring assist located at the base of the crutches, the vibration from hitting it on the ground is safely absorbed. This serves as the shock absorber which enhances comfort while in use. It is portable and foldable for easy storage and can be easily carried along for travel. The positioning of their grips is also adjustable helping to keep hands and wrists in their natural position, eliminating wrist pain and nerve damage. Its articulating tips give lovely stability both on even or uneven ground surfaces.

Its newly re-designed cylinder bracket and double reinforced strut enhances the product’s strength and makes it durable throughout the handle of the crutch. It is very strong and has a user capacity of 500 lbs.


  • Spring Assist Technology as a shock absorber
  • It is adjustable for your height.
  • It is also foldable and can be easily stored or carry along for travel.
  • The grip is also adjustable.



#2 Ergobaum¨ Prime 7TH Generation

Ergobaum¨ Prime 7TH Generation

Sitting comfortably on our number two spot is Ergobaum¨ Prime 7TH Generation. This is unarguably one of the best crutches and we have no doubt about its capacities. If you want a good crutch that is strong and ergonomically designed to give you the best support and comfort through the recovery process, then you should definitely consider this crutch.

It comes in pair for both sides. It is adjustable and ideal for user 5’0″- 6’6″. This makes the crutches suitable for the various height of the user. So you do not have to worry about your height, it will conveniently be ideal for you in as much you are between 5’0″- 6’6″ tall.

Furthermore, it is very strong and will conveniently support a weight of 360 lbs. This should give you the idea of how strong this crutch is and it is not even heavy in weight with its weight being 2.8 lbs, yet strong for perfect support.

Featuring shock absorbers, this absorbs every vibration that may result from hitting the ground and gives the maximum comfort you need. Also comes with a LED lights for safety in dark places, knee-resting platforms where you can safely rest your knee as you move bolstering comfort, an adjustable grip angle position options to give you access to resizing to your custom need, adjustable height options which makes it suitable for various users, safety light reflectors, ergonomic padded grips and cuffs.


  • It is adjustable to fit your custom size
  • It is foldable for proper storage
  • This crutch comes along with shock absorber located in the forearm and the base of the crutches.
  • The LED light shines and makes it usable in darkness.
  • It comes along with knee rest that is also adjustable.
  • It is made in seven colors. This gives you room to choose based on your favorite color.
  • Very light in weight, yet strong to support your weight.
  • The forearm is padded for maximum comfort.


  • It might not be suitable for you is you are too weak in the upper part of your body.



#3  ORTONYX Kids Walking Forearm Crutches

ORTONYX Kids Walking Forearm Crutches

ORTONYX Kids Walking Forearm Crutches as the name implies is a perfect crutch for the kids and it’s highly recommended for short adults as well. It conveniently supports a weight of up to 220 lbs (100kg). Kids are susceptible to knee injury or other injuries due to the way they play with their colleagues and different sports they also partake in. Therefore when there is this unfortunate occurrence requiring them to use crutches for mobility till they recover, ORTONYX Kids Walking Forearm Crutches is the best.

It is light in weight making it easy to carry and funnily designed to interest the kids. The height is also important and that is why you have to consider adjustability. This crutch is adjustable in heights 10 times per clip and 3 cuffs adjustments. This allows you to resize into the size that suit you most.

You also not need to worry about weight. It is absolutely perfect for kids due to its lightness with a weight of 0.73 lb per crutch. This is quite light in weight and makes it good for the kids.


  • It is perfect for kids and short adults
  • The height is adjustable from (handle-floor): 21.6″-30.3″
  • Each crutch weighs 0.73 pounds making it easily carried by kids
  • The arm support can be adjusted too from 4.3″-8.27″
  • Maximum weight user is 220 lbs.



#4  Medline MDS805161 Aluminum Forearm Crutches

Medline Aluminum Forearm Crutches

Manufactured in two sizes for youth and adult, Medline Aluminum Forearm Crutches sure is an established product in the market and therefore made the list of our best crutches for an ankle injury. This crutch has a lot of amazing qualities and takes user’s convenience into utmost consideration. Not only that, it is very affordable and as well provides the necessary support needed to help you move till your injury finally heals up.

The telescoping parts are made with internal bushings and external lock nuts to provide totally silent usage. It is made of aluminum, you definitely can count on its strength and very assure of it lasting long. The Adult size will conveniently support 250 lbs. weight capacity and patient height of 5’10”-6’6″; the youth size has a 250 lbs. weight capacity and patient height of 4’2″-5’2″.

One thing that may annoy you in these crutches is the tips that wear easily. But this can be solved by ordering replacement tips when ordering for the crutch. Also, the cuffs are made of standard hard plastic which you might find hurtful if you are a new user of a crutch.


  • The cuffs are adjustable to fit your size.
  • It is manufactured for different height of people. Be sure to order the right size that will fit you perfectly.
  • It is made of aluminum and this gives great strength.
  • It can conveniently support a weight of 250 lbs.


  • The rubber at the tip of the crutch gets wear off easily.
  • The cuffs are made of hard plastic that can hurt a new user.



#5  Carex Folding Crutches, 5 Pounds, Folding Underarm Crutches (Best Budget)

Carex Folding Crutches

This is a crutch you should think about when trying to travel by plane. It is a foldable and sturdily made underarm crutch that does not in any way inconvenient your arms while in use, and fit under a dining table, under a car seat or in an overhead bin in an airplane. It is made in pairs, so you receive two crutches in one package. The crutches are easily stored and can be conveniently carried when traveling. It is great for travels and work.

It is adjustable to fit youths, adults and tall users from 4’11” – 6’4″. This makes it accommodate all users, you do not need to care about your height, and this can be resized to your perfect size and fit. We do not recommend it for you if you are quite short in height

The crutches for walking are made of aluminum and can support people up to 250lbs in weight. It is lighter than wood, these crutches are strong, durable. This is a very lovely alternative for those that do not want to make use of heavy wooden crutches.


  • It is light in weight and can be easily carried.
  • It is strong, made of aluminum and very sturdy.
  • Conveniently support 250 lbs. weight
  • It is foldable for easy storage and works well for traveling.
  • Folding crutches have a universal size, quickly adjusts to accommodate youth, adult and tall users 4’11” – 6’4″ (41″ – 58″) in height.
  • It is made in pairs.


Final Words

Joint injuries are nagging and frustrating, getting the best crutches for joint injury is important in your recovery process. We definitely have faith in these five reviewed products and any of them will serve its purpose well. Our overall best is In-Motion Pro Ergonomic Foldable Crutches due to its qualities and customers satisfaction. Also, we choose Carex Folding Crutches, 5 Pounds, Folding Underarm Crutches as the best budget because it is pocket-friendly and also serve its purpose perfectly. We believe that whichever you chose will be a good buy and serve its purpose well.

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